Prenatal Massage in Foxborough

Research acknowledges the relationship between stress, sleep and certain pregnancy outcomes.  By promoting relaxation and providing comfort for common pregnancy discomforts, prenatal massage creates an overall sense of wellbeing and enhances the mother’s instinctive abilities to create and nurture, strengthening the bond between mother and child.

Prenatal massage dates as far back as time itself.  The ancient techniques of Ayurvedic Medicine reveal precise instruction on the use of massage and essential oils before, during and after pregnancy.  In a time when there was no medicine, the benefits of massage and essential oils were highly regarded and sought after.

Benefits of Prenatal Massage in Foxborough

*Reduce lower back pain and shoulder tension

*Reduce hip and joint pain

*Reduce edema (water retention and swelling)

*Reduce muscle tension and headaches

*Reduce stress and anxiety

*Reduce sciatic nerve discomfort

*Improve sleep

*Improve blood circulation

*Improve oxygenation to soft tissue, muscles and baby

*Improve hormone regulation

*Improve mood regulation

Because a pregnant woman's options for medical drugs are limited, Essential Oils may provide great relief for both physical, hormonal and emotional discomforts. Many Essential Oils are safe to use during pregnancy, especially when diluted with a carrier oil.  We love working with essential oils and can help recommend various oils for your individual prenatal issues as well as common ailments experienced during pregnancy and motherhood.  We can also offer information on oils to avoid during this unique time.

Essential Oils Addressing Pregnancy and Motherhood

*Anxiety and Tension

*Breast Issues

*Labor and Delivery

*Avoiding Episiotomy

*Maintaining a tone Uterus


*Aid to Slow or Stop Early Labor

*Increase Energy

*Prevention of Hemorrhaging

*High Blood Pressure

* Post Labor



*After A Miscarriage

*Morning Sickness

*Postpartum Depression


*Self Love