Enlightened Earth Healing Foxborough: How We Came To Be

Through over 21 years of diverse practice and study, Missy Ward became increasingly aware of the energetic connections between the mind, body, and spirit.  It is from this understanding that Missy created Enlightened Earth Healing in Foxborough. Opened in 2011, as a single practitioner practice, EEH has expanded into a diverse Natural Health Management Center.  With gifted healing practitioners, EEH offers alternative health management techniques in traditional massage, Reiki, essential oils, traditional Chinese acupuncture, Natural Health Consultations and Massage Therapists in Foxborough

With a unique blend of vast experience, every session is specifically designed to meet your individual needs.  The focus of each session is to create balance, while gaining a deeper awareness and understanding of self.  We meet each client at their vibrational level and strive to gently raise them to their next. 

Our Staff

Our gifted practitioners collectively have over 25 years of experience.  Click below and learn more about us.

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